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8-10 Guaranteed Games

5 Weeks; 2 Games per Week

42 Teams

380 Players

...and growing.

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Since 2007 top players from around Indiana, including the best from central Indiana. The MIBFL also has featured players from Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky.

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Three 2014 Indiana All-stars

Bryant McIntosh
Tayler Persons
Sean Sellers

With summer nearing, the 8th annual 2014 MIBFL isn’t too far away.  For those new to the league, registration is individual, and each player is placed on a team.  As we look to improve the league, here is what you can look forward to:

  • Competitive teams with top caliber players
  • Focus on teaming up school teammates, per IHSAA rules, with some focus on AAU teammates as well
  • High school division and middle school division
  • IHSAA tournament officials
  • Coaches with experience
  • Two games each week to maximize travel; usually just one game off in between
  • Coaches from the NCAA D2 and D3 levels, NAIA, and Junior college (NCAA D1 coaches can’t attend)
  • Media coverage from 24/7 Sports, Indiana Basketball Source, Indianapolis Star (and other newspapers), as well as Rivals and Scout teams sites
  • Multiple tournament brackets to allow as much play as possible

Registration for the Fall League is open, but if you are interested in finding more information and haven’t registered in the past, please email us at

@exposurebball I will look more into it this week. Liked how it works for events, like the adidas Invite. Kudos from college coaches too.

The 8th annual MIBFL runs on Sundays, from October 5, 2014 through November 2, 2014.

Registration ends Tuesday, September 23, 2014.