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8-10 Guaranteed Games

5 Weeks; 2 Games per Week

52 Teams

473 Players

...and growing.

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Since 2007 top players from around Indiana, including the best from central Indiana. The MIBFL also has featured players from Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky.

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Nine 2015 Indiana All-stars

Harris Brown
Ryan Cline
Matt Holba
Sean McDermott
Derrik Smits
Josh Speidel
Tahjai Teague
KJ Walton

23 players either committed to or hold NCAA
D1 offers played in last year's league

Balanced teams across divisions, not stacked teams
or teams unable to compete.

Please pay attention to your team number (A1, A2, A3, etc…)

Always check the game schedule on Saturday for any changes. We will tweet that a change had been made, and we will try to email the effected teams. That may not always be possible though.

All changes will be reflected in the app and on the site.

Follow on Twtter: @MetroIndyBball for real time updates.

UPDATE:  Tuesday, September 29; 8:01 pm

Rosters: [Click Here]

Schedule:  [Click Here]  (first two weeks)

In the meantime, check out the Metro Indy Basketball app available via Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.  The schedule is live there now, and by Thursday lunch, the rosters will be live there as well.

Thank you.

Accepting middle school teams, as well as freshmen and sophomore teams

  • Varsity level teams are still individual sign up, and don’t fall for the “anyone can play up” mantra.  One of the key components to the MIBFL is the competitiveness of the games.  Let’s be blunt, upperclassmen don’t care what underclassmen want, and seniors and juniors look to the MIBFL because it’s provided them with the most competitive league in Indianapolis since 2007.
  • If you want to play in a league where who you play is pot luck, there are many facilities for that.
  • If you’re a coach of a 14U or 15U team last year, please email us for information on how to enter your team.  If your team does well in their regular season play, they will get additional challenges.
  • Keep in mind, another reason for success of the MIBFL is that school coaches don’t want fall basketball to be an extension of AAU basketball.  They want their kids to play together, and they want their kids to be challenged without getting overwhelmed or pick up bad habits.