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8-10 Guaranteed Games

5 Weeks; 2 Games per Week

44 Teams

396 Players

...and growing.

NEW in 2017
Middle school team division

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Since 2007 top players from around Indiana, including the best from central Indiana. The MIBFL also has featured players from Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky.

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2015 Indiana All-stars

Harris Brown
Ryan Cline
Matt Holba
Sean McDermott
Derrik Smits
Josh Speidel
Tahjai Teague
KJ Walton

Balanced teams across divisions, not stacked teams
or teams unable to compete.

2016 Indiana All-stars

Desmond Bane
Joey Brunk
Kyle Guy

2017 Indiana All-stars

Michael Ertel
Cooper Neese
Grant Smith
Sasha Stefanovic
Kris Wilkes

9 2017 Junior all-stars


IN 2017

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Information and Registration

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Games to be played at:

Noblesville Boys and Girls Club
150 17th Street
Noblesville, IN  46060