Dear Coaches,

First of all, thank you very much for the work you do on the league.  Having experienced coaches who care enough to coach in any situation is what helps the league be successful.  Here are some things we need from you.

  • You can access the league page from the Fall League menu, but it’s linked here:
  • Please make sure you check out the League Rules on the league page.  We have league specific rules on foul counts, timeouts and over time. If you have questions about any of it, let me know.
  • The first week, we need you at the gym of your first game 30 minutes early so you can pick up your jerseys.  After that, it’s your discretion, but hopefully 10 minutes before game.
  • We’ll supply the scoring sheet (hopefully with your roster already on it), but we’ll need each team to get a parent to work the scorer’s table.  I’ll be emailing the parents to see who is willing to do that.

PLEASE make sure you give your players the assigned number each week.  We are either charting the games or pre-populating score sheets.  A roster sheet will be put in your bag when you pick up your jerseys the first week.  If you need help on numbers, they will be at the scorers’ table too.

  • Push to keep playing time even until the final four or five minutes of the game.  If you’re in a tight game, certainly go for the win.
  • I would prefer not to have a lot of mass substitutions, 4-in, 4-out.  About the only thing you really control beyond coaching situations is who is playing.
  • Lay off the officials.  None of these games are going on your coaching rèsumè.  They’re really good and work at it, but they will miss calls.
  • Your main housekeeping rule:  Pass out and collect the jerseys each week.  That also means you wash them.  🙂
  • After you last game of the league, we’ll have a place for you to leave them.  Other than that, they’re in your care.  Please make sure you have an accurate count.
  • We pay the coaches after week three.

Thank you again!